Entreneuship Platform


"It‘s about changing your lifestyle and your life attitude."

Hence, YSL upholding the idea of “Education for All”, to lead our members towards their successful life.
Who Are We?

YSL Wealth Management is a diverse and multicultural team and each of the members in our team has a different family background, life experience, gender, age, religion, and race. To achieve team goals and interests, YSL Wealth Management members learn from each other to make up for their shortcomings thus allow them to push themselves beyond their limits and achieve greatness.

YSL Wealth Management uphold the spirit of professionalism, where we provide an intimate and engaging support system, international training courses and well-planned programmes, all for your future to build a strong career foundation regardless in professional, sales or customer service field, and also help the members to promote self-confidence, at the same time, to promote the brand reliability and image in the eye of the customer.
Wonderful Life

YSL Wealth Management not only focus on assisting the members’ career growth, but we also focus on building a wonderful moment together. Award Ceremony is an honorable moment for the members of YSL Wealth Management where we share our wonderful yet emotional moments in the ceremony and prepare to strive hard to reach our next achievement.
We also value the healthy lifestyle of our members. YSL Wealth Management frequently hold indoor and outdoor activities like soccer, badminton, and hiking etc, and encourage our members and their family to participate in the activities. Our aim is to enhance the relationship between members and also strengthen the cohesion force in the team.
Spread The Love

We also share our happiness and joy to the society while we enjoy our life. YSL Wealth Management occasionally host some charity events to help the people in need and we encourage our member to participate the events.

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