Abdullah Bin Hasnor

“I wish to help my clients grow their initial capital while at the same time, providing them and their loved ones with life saving insurance in their time of need.”

About Me
Name: Abdullah Bin Hasnor

Email: abdullah404@prupartner.com.my

Phone: 013-6225610


Greetings, my name is Abdullah Bin Hasnor. Allow me to start by giving you a brief introduction into my normal life, I’m a father of two and happily married here in the historical state of Melaka, Malaysia. Before I joined this company as an insurance agent, I was trained to be a professional electrician with a certificate of electrical Level 2. I’m also an avid badminton player so you could often spot me playing with my colleagues and friends after working hours. I also have a slight interest in the esports industry that is to say I’m a huge fan of video games as a whole. Now that’s that.

Here’s a snippet of my current career. 2021 will mark my eighth anniversary of being part of this company and agency. During these eight years, I have faced many hardships while being on this journey but luckily enough, I was still able to get through it with pure grit as well as help from my fellow colleagues at work. Many people ranging from my friends to my family members would usually ask me “why did you choose this career path?” and I would usually give the same answer which is the fact that this job offers real financial freedom, your earning capability depends on how hard you work and how successful you are at helping and advising your clients, it’s not a job with a basic salary that pays you the same amount every month. This job rewards those who are willing to put in the extra hours and grind through and I would rather be paid for that than a consistent salary.

Throughout these years, I have learned an array of new abilities and skills which have been vital to my survival in this industry. I have mastered a myriad of social and finance skills which allows me to interact with clients and to provide them with professional financial knowledge regarding investment or insurance plans. I have also gained a new perspective in life, I wish to help my clients grow their initial capital while at the same time, providing them and their loved ones with life saving insurance in their time of need. I know that I alone would not be enough to bring this wish into fruition, that is why my final goal is to establish a team of at least 20 professional agents who share the same line of thoughts and values as me. My work ethic and personal philosophy revolves around simple values “Independence, Inspiration and Versatility”.

The road ahead might be daunting but I will persevere and NO, I will never regret becoming a financial advisor. This is a job that many might think is easy but in reality, not many are capable of thriving in this environment, it’s highly respected and it pays well but allow me to say these last words “Fortune favors the bold”. If you are not up to the task, this job will be as gruelling or more so than other career paths but if you are, a great bounty is awaiting you at the end.

 If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at 013-622 5610



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